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Welcome to the YES Project! You are one of the 1,000 youth in Utah who are participating in this statewide calcium survey.



There are two ways to take the survey:

1. OFFLINE: Standalone version (download, unzip and run) – Highly Recommended

2. ONLINE: HTML version – it make take longer to load the survey depending on your internet speed


BEFORE taking the survey

1. Submit the signed Informed Consent paper to your teacher.  You and your parent keep the other copy. 

2. Get ready your survey ID number.  This is the ID number given to you when you sign up for the study. 


DURING the survey

1. Complete the survey in one uninterrupted session.  The survey does not save your answers for you to complete remaining questions later. 

2. When you are done, click “EXIT” to close the program.

3. Your result file will appear on your DESKTOP.  The text file looks like this UTyourname-1324.txt.

4. Prepare a NEW EMAIL that will send to  ATTACH your result file (UTyourname-1324.txt).  In the email, please tell us what you like and what you do not like for us to improve the survey.  SEND the email. 


AFTER the survey

1. You will receive a confirmation from the survey within 24hours.

2. Bring your confirmation number to your teacher to claim your free pedometer!


For any questions, please contact Dr. Wong at 435-797-3464 or